Quick and Easy Tips For Your Garden

Here are six quick and easy tips for your garden project.

Quick Tip #1: When planting small seeds, use a salt shaker as it will distribute the seeds more evenly.

Quick Tip #2: After sowing carrot seeds and before covering them, sow radish seeds. Radishes grow fast and as you pull up the radishes to eat them you also thin the carrots.

(Note: I read where a lady wanted 8 inch carrots so she planted the carrot seeds 8 inches deep! That will not work. Plant seeds too deep and they will fail to germinate. Cover seeds with an amount of soil that is 3 or 4 times the diameter of the seed. Also, read the back of seed packets for correct planting depth.)

Quick Tip #3: We know that smoking is harmful to humans, but did you know it is also harmful to vegetables? Smoke produces tobacco mosaic virus that is transmitted by gardeners who smoke while they garden. It’s especially harmful to tomatoes. (check this one out on a website).

Quick Tip #4: How to keep raccoons out of the sweet corn? Plant pumpkins, summer squash or cucumbers in and around the sweet corn. Raccoons will not walk on the prickly vines. There are other ideas, but since you are planting these vegetables why not put them to good use.

Quick Tip #5: Blossom end rot on tomatoes is caused by a lack of calcium. Save your eggshells, crush them, dry them, and work them into the soil around the tomatoes.

Quick Tip #6: Zinnias are a rewarding annual that blooms from summer to frost and attracts all kinds of beneficial insects to the garden. Be sure to plant extra rows just for cutting and enjoying a bouquet in the house or to take to a friend

My bucket gardens of pole green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes are growing nicely. I’m looking forward to another delicious season of growing vegetables “on the tour”.