More on Garden Planning

Having a good vegetable garden involves planning, work and lots of gumption no matter how much work it involves. Remember to start out small and slowly increase the size of your garden as your needs demand and time allows. Encourage the children to be involved (your children or grandchildren) as they really enjoy watching things grow and possibly they will like more vegetables if they can help with growing them.

I have noticed gardening supplies appearing in stores where we are now, (southeast Georgia) and am reminded of how I use to procrastinate buying items I would need for the current year. I assumed the store would always have what I needed, when I needed. Then when I was ready for those items they would be sold out. SO, I recommend purchasing your needed gardening items early so you won’t be disappointed. More people are gardening each year and that can deplete supplies early. You will also have a bigger choice of items the earlier you buy.

If you have limited space for a vegetable garden, consider a raised bed garden. One can purchase a kit or plans to build your own. The use of tomato cages for certain vine growing crops, (such as pickling cucumbers) tomatoes, and a few other vegetables is another method for space saving. A simple garden trellis with netting can also be built for pole beans and vine crops. Read the information on seed packets or in seed catalogs for varieties that are suitable. Now is the time to browse around the garden centers and ask questions about the products available.