How to Make Impressionist Art with Your Kids

In the quest for finding ways to engage with your kids, get them outdoors and learn a little something along the way, our friends over at My Kids Adventures have posted a really neat project to make impressionist art with your kids from photos you take yourself.

The impressionist style has always been one of my favorites so this appealed to me in more ways than one.

The complete post, which you can find here includes a little history on the impressionist style and step by step instructions on how to create neat photo transfers your kids can turn into their own impressionist art.

It’s a project that you can do in all four seasons – but right now there are plenty of flowers blooming which make perfect subjects for this type of activity.

All the information and tools you need to get started are listed in the article. And, while you are at it, they have great ideas every day for adventures with your kids so sign up and get them in your email box every day.