Description: Small globe shaped fruit with green textured skin Limes

Availability: Harvested in spring and summer but generally available year round

Facts: Limes are second only to lemons in terms of importance as a flavoring agent for foods, drinks and other, non-edible, products for home and industrial use. The lime is also famous for the role it played in 18th century English sailors becoming known as “limeys.” Scurvy was the plague of sailors until it was discovered that when they received a ration of one lime a day it stopped, and so they earned the nickname, “limeys.”

Serving Size = 1/2 CUP

Food - nutrition label limeSelection: Choose limes with smooth, shiny skin, heavy for size.

Storage: Refrigerate up to 2 weeks.

Nutrition Benefits: Fat free; saturated fat free; sodium free; cholesterol free; low calorie; high in vitamin C.

Phytochemicals: hesperidin, tangeritin, limonene