Kiwi Fruit: Know Your Fruits and Vegetables™

By Dawn M. Swidorski

When I think of the taste of a Kiwi Fruit, I think of a cross between a strawberry and a grape, though it isn’t a hybrid of any kind. Like many fruits and vegetables it was first cultivated in China and is now grown throughout the world. In the US, kiwi fruit is grown in California.

Food - kiwifruit

Kiwi Fruit

The Kiwi’s fuzzy brown exterior certainly looks less than appealing, but it has a vibrant green interior. The Kiwi fruit can also be cut in a variety of ways that make it perfect for decoration.

So how do you actually eat a kiwi fruit? Some suggest that you scrub the skin down with water and eat it skin and all. Others peel the skin and slice and dice from there. Kiwi’s can be sliced like a banana, quartered like an apple or even diced like a tomato. Some people just slice the fruit in half (skin and all) and take a spoon to it like you might eat a grapefruit or melon. No matter how you eat it they are delicious and nutritious.

Kiwi fruit can also be used as a meat tenderizer.

Other ways to use Kiwi Fruit

  • Add kiwifruit to fresh fruit salads, coleslaw and chicken or turkey salads
  • Top cereals with kiwifruit slices
  • Use as a garnish on pies, cakes, cheesecake and tarts – kiwi fruit makes a wonderful glaze too!
  • Use kiwifruit slices in punch and cocktail recipes
  • Don’t forget you can blend kiwifruit into any fresh fruit blender drinks
  • Garnish poultry and meat dishes with kiwifruit

Lamb Chops and Kiwi Fruit