Kid Friendly Diabetes Risks

There are many risks for developing Type 2 diabetes. Some are things that we have control of such as the types of food we eat or how active we are, and others we have no control of such as family history.

Things Out of Your Control

  • Do you have a blood relative (father, mother, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles) who has Type 2 diabetes? If you do, you are more likely to get it yourself.
  • If you are  Black, an Alaska Native, Native American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, or Pacific Islander American you are at greater risk for developing diabetes.
  • Did you weigh 9 pounds or more when you were born?

Things In Your Control

  • Are you a couch potato? If you aren’t getting at least an hour of physical activity every day you could be at risk.
  • Do you drink a lot of sugary beverages or eat a lot of junk food? That makes it more likely that you will develop diabetes?
  • Are you overweight for your age and height? This could also increase your risk of developing diabetes.

The trick is to pay attention and change behavior (like what you eat and drink and how often you are active) to help reduce the likelihood that you will develop Type 2 diabetes!

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