Jumping Rope

Benefits of jumping rope

Jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible.

It tones muscles in the entire body, developing long, lean muscles in all major muscle groups, both upper and lower. Jumping rope optimizes cardiovascular conditioning and maximizes athletic skills by combining agility, coordination, timing and endurance.

Easy to Learn – People of all fitness levels and athletic abilities can learn to jump rope in a relatively short amount of time. The basic techniques are simple and you can add more difficulty as your ability progresses.

Fun – Done regularly, you get into a natural rhythm and forget you’re exercising vigorously. This is why many athletes are able to jump rope for hours without tiring physically or mentally. Jumping rope also allows creativity by working out to music, doing different styles and exercising in groups.

Inexpensive – A decent quality jump rope can be purchased for $10 (or less) at sporting goods stores.

You can do it almost anywhere – All you need is a 3′ x 4′ flat surface and a high-enough ceiling in order to do your workout. For most people, the standard 8’ home ceiling is fine.

Portable – Jump ropes are light and can be carried in a suitcase, briefcase, backpack, or purse. For this reason, jumping rope is the perfect exercise for travelers!

Great for Kids – Kids love to jump rope. Children are usually able to become proficient at jumping rope faster than adults. It quickly improves fitness levels, builds self-esteem, and shows exercise can be fun and enjoyable! “Because jumping rope is purposeful, children may persist with this fun exertion enough to raise their heart rate, to burn calories and to alert their brain by feeding it needed nutrients and oxygen for mental focus,” says Janet Stout Everly.

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