How to Grow a Sweet Potato

The other thing that’s cool about sweet potatoes is that they can become a living laboratory for kids or a beautiful houseplant!

To grow your own sweet potato, choose a firm one since sometimes they are heat treated to keep them from sprouting on grocery-store shelves. But even if you don’t pick the perfect one, most grow roots in a few days after being placed in water.

1. Use four toothpicks and insert them half-way into the sweet potato at about the mid-point of the vegetable (long ways)

2. Suspend the toothpicks on the rim of a jar or mug filled with water.

3. Make sure the bottom half of the sweet potato (the pointed end) is under water.

4. Place in a sunny spot and change or add water as needed.

5. In a few days, roots will form below the water.

6. Two to three weeks later, leaves and stems will sprout from the top. Continue to grow the plant in water for a month or two.

7. After a couple of months you can pot the sweet potato in a houseplant potting mix. Keep the soil moist.

8. The stems are initially weak, so you might have to tie them to strings, wire or a stake for a short time. As the vine grows, cut it back a few inches to force the plant to grow bushy.

9. Feed once a month with a water soluble fertilizer such as 20-20-20

10. If everything goes right you may even be rewarded with lovely lilac colored flowers!