How to Choose a Dentist if You Have Diabetes

Regular dental care is of extreme importance to people with diabetes. Regardless of your health condition you should see your dentist at least twice yearly for an examination and routine cleaning.

If you have any other conditions, including tooth decay or periodontal disease, you should see your dentist more frequently. Defeat Diabetes Foundation Executive Director, Andrew P. Mandell, has his teeth examined and cleaned four times yearly!

A trip to the dentist isn’t generally associated with a lot of pleasure, so it’s the kind of thing people can find reasons to put off until it’s too late.

RFS-dentist-from-inside-the-mouthHow to Choose a Dentist if You Have Diabetes

If you haven’t visited the dentist for a few years, you can either schedule an appointment with your old dentist or, if you’ve moved or changed insurance policies, you might want to schedule an appointment with someone new.

A good dental team, particularly for people with diabetes, is important. Finding the right dental-care provider will take some time and research, and it is best done before an emergency arises. So, start your search well before you’re due for a checkup.

Things to consider when making your selection include:

  • The dentist’s skills. safety precautions and technology utilized.
  • Proximity of the office to your home or workplace.
  • Office hours, accepted insurance plans, fees, payment policy and ability to accommodate emergencies.
  • A comfortable office environment, particularly if you have any anxiety about dental work.
  • You want a dental team you like. They should be willing to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and explain what they are doing and why.
  • If possible, you also want a dentist who has experience working with people with diabetes.

An obvious place to begin your search is to ask your friends.

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