Garlic Compound Effective in Treating Diabetes?

A new non-invasive diabetes drug treatment based on a chemical compound found in garlic has proven effective in treating diabetic mice. The same drug had been previously effective through injection, but this new approach might make it much more attractive as an alternative diabetic treatment.

The drug in question is structured around the vanadium-allaxin compound, which is commonly found in garlic. Past research by the same Suzuka University of Medical Science, Japan, team, revealed that the vanadium-allaxin drug was effective in regulating blood sugar levels in both type 1 (also known as insulin-dependent) and type 2 diabetes. According to the researchers, traditional treatments for these conditions include daily insulin injections (type 1 diabetes), and both invasive and oral drugs (type 2 diabetes), often with “undesirable side effects.”

The current study focused on type 1 diabetic mice, administering the vanadium-allaxin drug orally. It was seen to have to positive effect of reducing blood sugar levels. If future proposed human studies are effective, garlic could become the key to a novel alternative diabetic treatment.

Source: Defeat Diabetes Foundation: Edwards, Jon. Sakurai, Hiromu. RSC news release. November 2008.