Fencing – Move It!

Physical Activity - FencingYou’ve seen fencing in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars with its flashy light saber duels. But fencing is the sport it’s all based on and it’s a mentally demanding, yet fun exercise.

Fencing is the European martial art and is basically sword-fighting without the risk of death or horrible injury. The United States Fencing Association describes it as fast, exciting and athletic like “active chess” focusing on speed, coordination, balance and flexibility, making it an ideal way of keeping fit for all ages and abilities.

Fencing looks dangerous — but, if the correct equipment is used, it’s a safe sport and even minor injuries are uncommon. According to experts, fencing is safer than soccer, basketball, or football. Of course, fencing should never be tried unless supervised by a qualified teacher and the correct clothing and equipment is used!

The emphasis is on speed rather than strength, so the sport is good for boys or girls and it’s something you can do for your entire life. It is also the only martial art that allows men and women to compete against each other.

Why It’s Good for You

  • Helps build a strong heart.
  • Burns Calories.
  • Improves Coordination and Flexibility.
  • Builds Strength and Endurance.
  • Improves logic and strategic thinking.
  • Enhances math skills

Although growing in popularity, the lack of fencers provides a unique opportunity for competition in sports in international events including the Olympics.

Again, citing a lack of participants fencing can leads to scholarships at great schools!

How do you get into fencing?

Due to the skills and equipment required it is important to take a class. A large number of fencing clubs now exist throughout the US and all offer classes. Here’s a link to find a club in your area.

Most clubs charge a membership fee which normally includes the cost of tuition and use of equipment.

Fencing is a fun way to get fit and stay healthy.

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