DIABeducation™: Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail

Health is no accident, especially when living with diabetes. It requires a plan and remembering to access and adjust accordingly.

Take today, for example. Did you plan your meals — or even one meal — to improve your healthy eating habits? Or do you find yourself behind the eight ball, grabbing foods of convenience while rushing through the daily demands of life?

Planning is a shift of mentality from leaving things up to chance to being proactive. Follow these three steps to get started:

1. Decide which diabetes self-care behavior on which you would like to focus:

*Healthy eating
*Being active
*Monitoring glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure
*Taking medication
*Healthy coping
*Problem solving
*Reducing risks

2. Make one small change. Maybe it’s committing to get to the grocery store each weekend so you have a stash of healthy food choices readily available. Or perhaps it’s laying out your exercise clothes the night before. How about writing in your medication refill dates in your calendar? And what about that emergency kit you’ve been meaning to put together with plenty of water, non-perishable food and diabetes supplies to last for three days in the event of a natural (or unnatural) disaster?

3. Check your plan. Did it work? What got in the way? Was the plan realistic to begin with? Plans need to change to fit a given day in your life.

Your pancreas may have failed you. Luckily you have many opportunities to maximize your health with diabetes.

What is the one thing you are willing to do today?

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