DIABeducation™: Happy Holy Daze

The rush of the holiday season is upon us. Are you in a daze over all the extra commitments of time? Are you extra stressed out about the impossible “to do” list? If you’re not careful, it can push you and your diabetes management over the edge.

Do you relate to any of these statements?

  • I wake up exhausted
  • I have trouble sleeping
  • I routinely forget things
  • I don’t have time for the activities I enjoy
  • I anger easily (when it is not related to blood glucose extremes, especially lows)

These are warning signs of severe stress which can have drastic consequences on glucose and blood pressure levels.

Try this technique to minimize stress: allow now.

Sounds simple — to stay in the moment but often we are wrapped up in thinking about yesterday (or the day before that, or last month, year, etc.), obsessing about a past or future conversation, or worrying about tomorrow. We miss the gift in front of us.

Concentrate on the small moments of joy that surround you, right now. Is it the sound of distant birds, a breathtaking sunset, a stranger’s kindness, a color you enjoy, a pet’s goofiness, or being able to breathe? What about the ability to have some say and impact on your diabetes management?

No matter the season, or diabetes moment, find gratitude and tap into the spirit of now. It can help you reduce stress and be your best.

And if that doesn’t work, ponder these sage words picked up along the way, “It gives me comfort to know there’s always somebody worse off than I am … always.” There’s a gift to lift you out of the daze! Wishing you much peace, health, happiness and celebrations.