DAN Project Video

Dan Kerner was a young vibrant 26 year old, hard-working, fun-loving guy who lived in Stuart, Florida. He appeared to be in good health, but like millions of others, was unaware of the symptoms and Warning Signs of diabetes. On August 15, 2003 Dan Kerner died from kidney/renal failure; a complication of his previously undiagnosed diabetes.

Determined not to let the tragedy of Dan’s death be in vain, his mother, Shirley, along with other family members decided to take immediate action to try and avoid anyone else they knew from being subjected to the dangers of diabetes, forming what they call the D.A.N. Project.  D.A.N. stands for Diabetes Awareness Now. 

Through their efforts and Defeat Diabetes Foundation, we were able to develop 2 Public Service Announcements for broadcast on radio and television markets nationwide honoring the memory of Dan Kerner who died from complications of undiagnosed diabetes. It emphasizes the importance of prevention and/or early detection of diabetes. These PSAs were produced for Defeat Diabetes Foundation by Robert M. Zakon of Newton, Massachusetts.


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