Description: Celery grows to a height of 12 to 16 inches and is composed of leaf-topped Food - celery1stalks arranged in a conical shape that are joined at a common base.

Availability: Year round though best in the summer

Facts: Celery has its roots in sixteenth century northern European history. Celery is related to anise, carrots, parsley and parsnips. The winner of an athletic event in ancient Greece was given a bunch of celery, much like flowers are given today.

Serving Size = 1 CUP

Selection: Choose straight, rigid stalks with fresh leaves. Avoid pithy, woody or limp stalks.

Food - nutrition label celeryStorage: Refrigerate in plastic bag for 1 week or more.

Nutrition Benefits: Fat free; saturated fat free; low sodium; cholesterol free; low calorie; good source of vitamin C; good source of vitamin A.

Pigments: lutein, zeaxathin

Phytochemicals: Flavones, flavonanones, flavonols