Celebrate National Park Week

Physical Activity Arches-National-ParkHere at DDF we’re huge fans of getting outdoors – we’ve even dedicated an article to it at our home page this month. So we’re equally excited to support and promote our magnificent National Park system during National Park Week.

Visit a national park site near you–especially one that you’ve never been to before.
Many people are surprised to discover that they’re just a few miles away from a national park. Find a park near you on NPCA’s website and search the National Park Service site for events near you.

Plan a trip to a national park on your bucket list.
Plan a trip now and you can look forward to it for weeks, then remember it for a lifetime. See NPCA’s hidden gems for some great trip ideas.

Enjoy an original work of national park art.
NPCA and the Creative Action Network launched a crowd-sourced art project in January that invites artists to re-imagine the historic 1930s-era posters of national parks for a new generation.