Description: Cabbage is round in shape with layers of superimposed leaves with the Food - cabbageinner leaves often lighter in color than the outer leaves because they are protected from the sunlight.

Availability: Harvested Late fall and winter months

Facts:  Cabbage is sturdy, abundant and inexpensive. A longstanding dietary staple throughout the world, it is widely cultivated and stores well so that it is available throughout the year. Egyptians used to worship the heads as gods, enthroned on elaborate altars.

Serving Size = 1 CUP

Selection: Choose heads with compact leaves that are heavy for their size.

Food - nutrition label cabbage greenStorage: Refrigerate up to 7 days.

Nutrition Benefits: Fat free; saturated fat free; very low sodium; cholesterol free; low-calorie; high in vitamin C.

Pigments: chlorophyll, lutein, beta-carotene

Phytochemicals: glucoraphanin, glucobrassicin, butenyl-glucosinolate, glucoiberin, indoyl-methyl-glucosinolate, quercetin, kaempferol, chlorogenic acid

ORAC Score: 298

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