Bicycling – Move It!

Physical activity  CyclingFor most of the world, the bicycle is still the most used mode of transportation. In the U.S. there are 100 million bicycles, but most of us don’t use them on a regular basis. Only 10% of all trips in the U.S. are on bicycle or on foot. That’s too bad because bicycling is a lot of fun and good for you too!

But, whether you bicycle for transportation, physical activity or pleasure, bicycling has many health benefits and can be enjoyed throughout your entire life.

Bicycling is easy and is something you can do by yourself or with friends.

Why Bicycling is Good for You

  • Builds Strong Muscles
  • Builds Heart Health
  • Helps Burn Calories and Lose Weight
  • Helps you Relax
  • Improves Stamina
  • Provides a Dose of Vitamin D

Other Benefits of Bicycling

  • Keeps the air we breathe cleaner! A four mile bicycle trip keeps about 15 pounds of automobile pollutants out of the air.
  • Reduces water pollution – bikes don’t require or drip brake fluid, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, toxic dust, etc.
  • Reduces noise pollution — bikes are quiet, creating a quieter community.
  • Saves Fossil Fuels
  • Bicycles increase mobility for those who don’t qualify to drive a car
  • Allows riders to appreciate the environment around them.
  • Bicycling is a great activity for family and friends.
  • Reduces road kill and saves animals.
  • Biking Is Fun.

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