Baseball – Move It!

Physical Activity - baseballBaseball is called America’s pastime and it is a sport that has its roots in early American history. Baseball is a team sport and to play an “official game” you need two teams with 9 players each.

Game Basics 

Baseball is a game played between two teams with 9 players each. The baseball playing field consists of an in-field and outfield and has four bases the player has to reach to score a run. The four bases form a ‘Diamond’ and are in infield portion of the playing area.

There is a catcher and four infielders: first baseman, second baseman, shortstop (positioned between third and second base), third baseman. Three players normally are in the outfield (left, center and right).

Game play is broken up into 9 innings with each team being allowed 3 outs per inning. Team members attempt to hit the ball and advance to the bases. A team scores every time a player is able to circle the bases and cross home plate before three outs are made in an inning.

An out is recorded every time the ball is caught in the air, or in the case of a ground ball, a fielder gets the ball to a base before the runner reaches it, or if a batter gets three strikes (a foul ball counts as a strike but a player cannot be out on a foul ball unless it is caught by an opposing player).

A strike is a pitch that crosses the plate above the batter’s knees but below the lettering in his jersey, or anything he or she chooses to swing at but misses. Any other kind of pitch is called a ball.

Once the team in the field records three outs, the teams switch, and the team that was just in the field goes in to hit.

Every player in the lineup gets one at bat before the batting order starts over again.

Why It’s Good for You

Any exercise that gets your heart pumping and your body sweating is a cardiovascular exercise. Cardio exercise strengthens your heart muscle and improves lung capacity. Baseball affords plenty of opportunities for cardio exercise.

  • Builds Muscles
  • Burns Calories
  • Improves Eye-Hand Coordination.
  • It’s Fun!

One of the best things about baseball (and softball) is that it’s a fun game for all ages and abilities. This is a competitive team sport that improves a variety of physical skills, as well as strategy, and sportsmanship, through the benefit of teamwork.

How to Find a Team

For kids, schools often have teams but there are also plenty of opportunities to play Little League. Find a Little League team in your area.

Not interested in joining a team? No problem. Just grab a glove, a bat, a ball and a friend, or 12, and get out there. Many local parks have baseball diamonds, or just do it old school, “sand lot” style and make your own.

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