An Apple A Day Might Keep Colorectal Cancer Away

Eating apples and drinking apple juice might help in preventing colorectal cancer, a recent study has shown.

The German study found that apple pectin and apple juice extracts increase the level of butyrate in the body. Butyrate “has been suggested to be a chemopreventative metabolite that might prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer.”

More specifically, ”increased production of butyrate via the addition of apple components, histone deacetlyases (HDAC) were inhibited. With slowed production of HDAC, there would be significantly less growth of precancerous and tumor cells.” The study was conducted by analyzing human fecal matter of the test subjects.

Colorectal cancer, more commonly referred to as just colon cancer, is an extremely common disease in western industrialized countries, and causes more than 650 thousand deaths per year, worldwide.

Apples have many benefits, including being an excellant source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C. Being potentially preventative of colon cancer as well gives even more reason for consuming this nutritious and accessible fruit.

Source: Defeat Diabetes Foundation: Taylor, Sue. Nutrition press release. March 2008