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Mr. Diabetes® Products and Services Evaluation Policy


As you probably know there are 24 million diabetics in the United States. The “diabetes industry” generates approximately $175 billion each year, along with a myriad of products that may or may not actually be of benefit to the diabetic.


With doctor ‘face time’ limited to people with diabetes to about one hour annually, people with diabetes are at particular risk for companies and products claiming to be the solution for their own treatment needs.


As Mr. Diabetes® I am frequently asked to evaluate or endorse a variety of products and services that claim to benefit diabetics.  It’s important that there be a definitive voice to sanction the appropriateness of products and services diabetics need and depend on for their care and survival.  It is my responsibility to be that voice – I have no hidden agendas.


To this end I am meticulous about the procedure(s) I follow.  Each product or service is evaluated by me, personally, or done under my direct oversight.  This insures the quality and completeness of such a review. 


This is important because diabetics, pre-diabetics and those who care about them know, absolutely, that an endorsement by Mr. Diabetes® is based on a strict evaluation that measures the merits of that product/service – only.


Mr. Diabetes® is willing to consider the endorsement of products and services that would be of specific benefit to people with diabetes. Please note that any potential endorsement must be accompanied by a personal evaluation of the product or service by Mr. Diabetes®. The length of time and fee for the evaluation will be dependent upon the benefits and features being evaluated for the specific product. A fee for an evaluation by Mr. Diabetes® will apply in all cases.


Paying this fee in no way obligates Mr. Diabetes® to endorse the product being evaluated. 


Upon completion of the evaluation you will receive a written report outlining the findings, as well as a rating based on a 5 star system, with one being poor and 5 being excellent.


The evaluation of any product will be posted at the Mr. Diabetes® Product Evaluation Page at the DDF website, and at


The company will also have permission to use the rating received in their promotional material.


 Endorsement by Mr. Diabetes®


 To read Mr. Diabetes® Endorsement Policy


Product Categories Considered for Evaluation and Endorsement  


  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Safety Devices
  • Diabetic Testing Devices
  • Diabetic Testing Supplies
  • Food
  • Nutraceuticals/Phytochemicals
  • Supplements
  • Exercise Equipment: (aerobic and anaerobic) including treadmills, rowing devices, weights, Pilates equipment, jump ropes, mats, etc.
  • Stress Relief Products/Methods including:  Music, Meditation, Relaxation Routines, Hand Grips, etc.
  • Books:  Exercise, Cooking, Nutrition, Diabetes Care, Humor, Policy, etc.
  • Movies, DVD’s, CD’s, Games, etc.
  • Creams, balms and lotions
  • Dental products and/or services
  • Vision products and/or services
  • Consultation/Review of planned solo events:  WALKS, RUNS, etc.
  • Consultation/Review of messages for speeches and appearances on diabetes issues
  • All diabetic and health products and services:  It is the Mr. Diabetes® position that if a product or service is ‘good’ for diabetics it is ‘good’ for everyone.


Product Evaluation


The evaluation process includes research about the company and its product or service. This includes gathering information on how the company supports the product, its customers and, of course, an evaluation of the product itself. Because each product has its own unique benefits a distinct evaluation protocol will be established for each product.


Further, because each evaluation will be based on different criteria, it is difficult to determine in advance the fee for the Mr. Diabetes® evaluation. For example, a safety product such as a medic alert bracelet takes little time to evaluate and doesn’t purport to improve a diabetic’s health.  So, the evaluation process and fee will be less than a product that might make the claim that it reduces blood glucose levels.


Mr. Diabetes®, therefore, requires a $100 Product Evaluation Application fee to establish the criteria for product/service and determine a fee for its evaluation. The Product Evaluation Application Fee will be applied to any product/service evaluation.


 Evaluation Process


Company Information

  • Name of the company
  • How many years in business?
  • Where is the product manufactured?
  • What is the size of the company?
  • Is the company public or private?
  • Does company have a website?
  • What kind of customer service do you provide?
  1. Toll free number for customer service
  2. Website
  3. Local support
  4. Mail Reply
  5. Other
  6. Is customer service performed in United States or out-sourced overseas?  Where?
  • Are there lawsuits past or present involving the company, the principals and/or key members of management.  This includes all civil and criminal history.
  • What are the credentials of Principals and key members of management?
  • Is there a Dun and Bradstreet rating? 


Product Category

What is the category?

Is the product a consumable or durable good?

Is there a product guarantee?

Do you have competitors in the category?

Who are the competitors in the category?

Is the product patented?

Are there existing copyrights, trademarks, service marks or packaging associated with the product or service?

How many units of product are sold annually?

What is the price point?

Where is the product sold?

Is the product regulated by the FDA?

Have there been any reviews from trade, consumer groups or the media for the product or service?


Product Benefits

What are the benefits of the product for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes?

Are the benefits backed by scientific data or studies?

Are the benefits backed by consumer studies or data?

Does the product benefit other medical conditions associated with diabetes?

Are there multiple or alternative uses for the product?

Are there potential side effects or risks associated with using the product?

Is the product easy to use?

Is the product easy to store?

Is the product easy to obtain?

Is the product cost effective?

What is the length of time before product benefits are noticed?

How did the product perform under testing?


Product Packaging and Labeling

Is the product appropriately packaged?

Is it easy for people to open?

Eco-friendly (recycled packaging or green materials)?

Are the directions easy to read?

Are the directions easy to understand?

Are the directions available in multiple languages?


Rating System

Products will be rated on a 5 point scale in the above categories and for each one of the product benefits “claimed” by the manufacturer.


For example:


A company manufactures a sock especially for diabetics and makes the following claims:


  • Manufactured from a NASA developed technology designed to maintain the feet at an even body temperature regardless of exterior temperature
  • Utilizes a special wicking material to keep feet dry
  • Special construction of heels and toes to avoid rubbing, pinching or bunching
  • Specially constructed to avoid constriction at opening


The product would then be rated on a five point scale with

1 = poor

2 = fair

3 = good

4 = very good

5 =excellent


Did the product keep the feet at constant temperature – 1 – 5

Did the product keep the feet at constant temperature when external was above 98.6 (and how much higher?)__degrees? 1 - 5

Did the product keep the feet at constant temperature when external temperature was below 98.6 (and how much below?)__ degrees? - 1 - 5

Did it keep the feet dry during daily wear? – 1 – 5

Did it keep feet dry during exercise? – 1 – 5

Did it resist bunching – 1 – 5

Did it resist pinching – 1 – 5

Did it resist constricting – 1 – 5

Product Durability

  • Stretching – 1- 5
  • Shrinking – 1 - 5
  • Wear and Tear – 1 - 5
  • Product Lifetime – 1 – 5
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