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Acute Partial Sleep Deprivation Increases Food Intake

Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

One night of reduced sleep subsequently increased food intake.

Acute partial sleep deprivation increases plasma concentrations of ghrelin and decreases those of leptin.

The objective of the study was to observe modifications in energy intake and physical activity after acute partial sleep deprivation in healthy men.

Twelve men [age: 22 ˇŔ 3 y; body mass index (inkg/m2): 22.30 ˇŔ 1.83] completed a randomized 2-condition crossover study. During the first night of each 48-h session, subjects had either ˇÖ8 h (from midnight to 0800) or ˇÖ4 h (from 0200 to 0600) of sleep. All foods consumed subsequently (jam on buttered toast for breakfast, buffet for lunch, and a free menu for dinner) were eaten ad libitum. Physical activity was recorded by an actimeter.

The results showed that in comparison with the 8-h sleep session, subjects consumed 559 ˇŔ 617 kcal (i.e., 22%) more energy on the day after sleep restriction (P < 0.01), and preprandial hunger was higher before breakfast (P < 0.001) and dinner (P <0.05). No change in the perceived pleasantness of the foods or in the desire to eat the foods was observed. Physical activity from 1215 to 2015 was higher after sleep restriction than after 8 h of sleep (P < 0.01), even though the sensation of sleepiness was more marked (P < 0.01).

From the results of the study it was concluded that, one night of reduced sleep subsequently increased food intake and, to a lesser extent, estimated physical activity-related energy expenditure in healthy men. These experimental results,if confirmed by long-term energy balance measurements, suggest that sleep restriction could be a factor that promotes obesity.
Am J Clin Nutr (March 31, 2010). doi:10.3945/ajcn.2009.28523


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