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Eat and Exercise To Prevent Diabetes

By Iddris Seidu - Arab Times Staff

Posted: Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kuwait City, Oct 4:  If the penetration level of diabetes in Kuwait is 25% today, I can assure you that is temporary because the figure goes up all the time, so the advice I can give to Kuwaitis and all other nationalities around the world is to see a doctor, eat right and exercise because the figure for Kuwait only forms part of the 366 million world total for the disease, said Andrew Mandell (Mr. Diabetes®) as he spoke at a lecture on Diabetes Awareness and Education titled  “Diabetes: Defeating it at an Early Age” at the AWARE Center Tuesday.

Andrew Mandell (Mr. Diabetes®) speaking on Diabetes Awareness and Education titled  “Diabetes: Defeating it at an Early Age.”
The event which was organized in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Kuwait and attended by a wide range of people from across the country, kicked off with a glowing introduction of Mr Diabetes as well as words of gratitude to the US embassy for their continued support in coordinating events with AWARE, by Hassan Taha, the AWARE Center event organizing Manager.
Mandell started his speech by referring to diabetes as a worldwide problem which people must be able to identify and deal with, saying that it comes in two types. Type 1 he said is a purely medical issue and forms 10% of the total number of diabetes cases, with type2 making up the rest of the 90% of the total number of cases of the disease (which also affects pregnant women as well) worldwide.

He revealed that while there are 27 million people living with the disease in the United States with about a third of them unaware they have it, there are also 79 million people who are pre-diabetic (which means they can still prevent it with a change of attitude towards their diets and exercise).

Touching on the risk factors, Mandell indicated that certain ethnicities are more prone to the disease than others, so coming from the more prone ethnicities makes people vulnerable to some extent, and that genetics is also a risk factor.

Type2 Diabetes, according to Mr Diabetes, is a lifestyle disease and is preventable 95% of the time and working to prevent it can save individual nations tons and tons of money in the long run, adding that apart from the mountains of medical bills borne by the state, it causes traumas for families who normally are forced to live with amputations, heart attacks and kidney diseases by patients who generally tend to die 10 to 15 years earlier.

He said there is no cure for diabetes, but nutrition is key in preventing it, but the first step in its prevention is to see the Endocrinologist who is the internal medicine specialist for the disease for the A1C test which is the only definitive tool in determining if one is diabetic, is done over 12 weeks. But apart from the test, the clear warning signs of the disease as enumerated by Mandell are blurry vision, frequent urination, excessive thirst, fatigue and unexplained weight loss. He added that it is a disease associated with eating and before and absorbed, the glucose level is the measure we use to determine how the pancreas, which produces the glucose controlling insulin, works.

He also advised that since it is an eating disease, diabetics need to get as much live food into their system as possible to help produce digestive enzymes and not over task the pancreas, adding that boiling food excessively eliminates all enzymes and nutrients in it and makes it more difficult for the pancreas to handle.
Three to four days of exercises a week, said Mandell, helps improve blood circulation and stress, lower body weight as well as increase HDL (good cholesterol) level and lower LDL (bad cholesterol levels. He added, however that if everybody lived like they were diabetics, then the disease will fly out of the window, emphasizing again that seeing a doctor, eating right and exercising is the key to its prevention.

 If the penetration level of diabetes in Kuwait is 25% today, I can tell you that is temporary.  Around the world there are 366 million diabetics and still going up and a lot of it is because of what the United States is exporting out to the rest of the world. the advise I can give to Kuwaitis as all nationalities around the world, is to eat right and exercise, said Mandell.

He said as co- founder and Executive Director of Defeat Diabetes Foundation, Inc., a nationally registered non-profit whose mission is to help save the lives of children, adults and families impacted by the pain of Diabetes, an extraordinary effort was put in to kids’ education on the disease because “when you get the child on board the parents come on board too”,  he said.

Mandell recounted his experiences when he undertook the over ten thousand kilometer walk around the United States, saying that  he met more than 78,000 people and spoke on military bases, spoke to civic organizations, senators, congressmen as well as prominent researchers in the field of diabetes; when he talked to older people what they wanted was how to prevent younger people from getting diabetes, what he saw on that road trip was that each group was concerned about the other getting the disease.

Mandell mentioned that the family unit is being deliberately fractionalized by the fast food industry and the food choices are not good for the consumer, adding that apart from depriving people good nutrition, they are also keeping the family units from eating together around the dining table at home, where a lot of vital family interactions happen while eating together. He added that the corporate world do not care, all they want is to separate people from their monies through their agenda to sell consumers their hamburgers and French fries, and that if everybody start eating at home, the family units are going to be preserved where indidual opinions are formed.

Continuing, Mandell said that when they started the Defeat Diabetes Foundation, there were only 12 million diabetics in the United States, and now 12 years and many researches later, the number has jumped to 18 million with 79 million waiting in line to contract it. He said if the government is not doing it and big business is not doing it, then individuals have to take back their lives and that left to multinationals like McDonalds, Coca Cola  and their likes, they are only getting started in their quest for the destruction of human lives.
Andy Mandell was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1985. After that, Andy continued to live as he had, working hard, playing even harder, eating whatever he wanted.

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Source: Arab Times

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