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Defeat Diabetes® E-Lerts™ Newsletter 

April 2008
(Volume VII, Issue IV) 
Time to Talk About Self-Management Again
I read about diabetes and health many hours each day and sometimes I get depressed seeing how diabetes is related to so many diseases. We know about stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and retinopathy. But now there's cancer (almost all types, it seems), Alzheimer's and dementia, depression and more.
But then I read about the research that is being done with treatments and looking for origins and there is some hope.  It has also been shown that when diabetics and their physicians and their teams work closely together with a plan and ongoing communication, the most success is achieved in controlling diabetes. When diabetics take charge of their own self-management, they feel empowered and are most successful. To find all sorts of self-management tips and information like:  Nutrition info, recipes, experts' columns and more, go to Self-Management. 
Defeat Diabetes® News by Daniel H. RasoltThese exclusive articles are on our web site faster than similar ones. These articles are truly the latest diabetes, health and sometimes even quirky news.
Latest News - Self-Management - You Have Diabetes - RisksStrokes, cancer, joints and more.
Latest News - New Tests and TreatmentsWhat do grapes and frogs have in common? Plus many more.
Latest News - Self-Management - Prevention - Lower Your RiskVeggies, Omega 3's and breast feeding and more.
Healthy and Tasty Recipes - Good for DiabeticsSpring has sprung and we're giving recipes with fresh ingredients you will enjoy.
Islets of Humor™:  What has antioxidants and is good for you, but only if you are old enough?
MR. Diabetes® Wake Up and Walk® TourMr. Diabetes®, Andy Mandell, has crossed the border into Florida, the last state in his epic, Wake Up and Walk® Tour. Read the March Update and all the trials he and his tour managers have had to go through.
Know Your Fruits and Veggies™:  AsparagusPublic Outreach Director, Dawn Swidorski, reveals information about asparagus you have never known. And great recipes too!
Shirley's Vegetable Garden:  Shirley Barriger helps you get your garden ready with healthy soil.
Treatments on the Horizon:  Predict type 1 diabetes, new stem cell therapies and more.
Work on Self-Management and feel the empowerment! 
Good Health,
Lisa M. Rasolt
Program Director
Defeat Diabetes Foundation
Awareness + Action = Prevention®

Did you know?
Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors.

Defeat Diabetes® News by Daniel H. Rasolt  Daniel
Exclusive to Defeat Diabetes Foundation - Faster than the news wires! As soon as the authors of the studies release their findings and prior to journal publication! Diabetes! Health! Unusual and sometimes quirky news - but always the latest! Check to read these articles as soon as they are written and posted. 
Daniel Rasolt has written many more articles. Read these articles and more about Daniel.

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Latest News - Self-Management - You Have Diabetes - Risks

Did you know?
The 21-Day Turning Point
Your tongue naturally replaces all of your taste buds every 21 days. That means if you’re trying to change your diet and switch to soy milk from cow’s milk, for example, after 21 days the taste will seem right instead of foreign. 
Latest News - New Tests and Treatments

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Latest News - Self-Management - Prevention - Lower Your Risk
Vegetables Help Lower Diabetes Risk 

Defeat Diabetes® Public Awareness Programs
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April 2008
Spring has sprung and these recipes are oh so fresh. 

Mr. Diabetes® Says
"Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart." 
Myla Kabat-Zinn

Islets of Humor™  humor
By Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE
April 2008   

New CareGiverHelper Web Service to Help Support Your Loved One

Baby Boomers: Are you looking for a better way to communicate and collaborate with family and friends when someone is battling an illness? Our CareGiverHelper is a free, private online service that helps family members and friends offer encouragement and emotional support. 

UPDATE : March, 2008
LOCATION:  Georgia/Florida State Line – Nassau County
TOTAL MILES:  9282.8
This month of March, 2008 has been significant in several ways.  Firstly, it is the end of Winter and Spring has sprung.  What that means to me, given the location I have now reached, is that I don’t EVER expect to step in snow for the rest of my life! 
Secondly, I have now completed walking through 33 of the 34 perimeter states of the Continental 48 states, and I have already walked significant mileage in Florida (the 34th state). Clearly, I still have 1000+ miles to walk to complete the full “circle”, but, psychologically, this is a significant milestone.
Thirdly, I am now able to “dare” to reflect on the various aspects of THE WALK™ that began with its first steps on December 1, 2000 (the “Trial Walk” – 450 miles through Florida from Madeira Beach to E.Milton [Pensacola]) – over seven years ago! Read more

Did you know?
Toothpaste can clear up a breakout since the paste absorbs oil. Just avoid whitening formulas with bleach, or cinnamon flavors because they can be irritating.

Know Your Fruits and Veggies™:  Asparagus  veggies
By Dawn Swidorski, Public Outreach Director
April 2008
For me, the first harbinger of spring is when the plum trees bloom – in California that’s usually sometime in late February. The next arrival, and the one that confirms it’s no fluke, is asparagus.
Asparagus is a member of the lily family which also includes onions, leeks and garlic.  It grows from a “crown” that is planted at least a foot deep in sandy soil. Asparagus has a short growing season only about 6 – 7 weeks (a bit longer in California) in spring and early summer. Under ideal conditions an asparagus spear can grow 10 inches in a 24 hour period.  Read more 

Did you know?
Tip For Ripening Tomatoes
To hasten the ripening of green tomatoes, stick them in a plastic bag with a few apples.
The apples release a gas that helps tomatoes ripen.
By Shirley Barriger, Tour Manager 
April 2008
Healthy Soil - How to Get It and Why It's So Important
Healthy soil is the key to successful gardening whether organic or conventional.  If we are to have healthy human bodies, we need certain nutrients daily to maintain our bodies.  We should get the needed nutrients from our foods, but if we don’t we take vitamins.  The soil we plant vegetables in also needs certain nutrients to produce healthy plants and vegetables.
The soil in your vegetable garden could be out of balance.  The soil may be depleted by years of cropping without replenishing organic matter, the soil’s natural storehouse of nutrients.  Read more 
Confused about Long Term Care & Diabetes?
Most diabetics enter a nursing home due to diabetes related complications, such as amputations, blindness, kidney failure, heart conditions, etc., rather than the disease itself.  These complications often require professional medical attention, and assistance, that is no longer viable at home, by family, caregivers, or friends, and is beyond their capacity to self-manage.
Treatments on the Horizon

Did you know?
Actress Angelina Jolie who is expecting twins, has been suffering from Gestational Diabetes.

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