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Defeat Diabetes® E-Lerts™ Newsletter

June 2009
(Volume VIII, Issue IV)

Cutting Diabetes Meds Not Cost Effective
$11,000 Per Patient Per Year

Over two hundred studies have been conducted. Costs of not taking medications as prescribed have an impact on the US economy increasing the costs up to $100 billion per year. In addition, poor adherence to antidiabetic medications might explain why 43% of patients with diabetes mellitus do not reach adequate glycemic control. Read more about these studies.

In this economy, many people have to make choices about where to spend their money and they are not taking their prescribed medication. This not only costs more money in the long run, but is dangerous. It leads to more complications. On the Defeat Diabetes Foundation website, we have a section on Financial Assistance. For more information.

Latest News -Diabetes:  Prevention, Screening, Costs:  Prevention, Screening saves money.  Prevention Resources.

Latest News - Self Management - Foods and Vitamins
:  Benefits of chocolate milk, cherry juice, walnuts and more. Problems with Vitamins?

Latest News - New Info - Why and How of Diabetes?:  Sugar in the liver, how Metformin works and how high blood sugars damage blood vessels.

Diabetic Friendly Recipes:  Fresh ingredients and perfect for summer. Our recipes are tasty and lower sodium too.

Islets of Humor™:  The Real Pandemic.

A Message From Our Executive Director
:  Summer is the time to rev up your exercise program or get started. Here's great motivation.

Know Your Fruits and Veggies™
Strawberries:  Strawberries and summer go hand in hand. Find out more about this great fruit

Treatments on the Horizon:  Type 1 therapy breakthrough? Preventive therapy for Type 1? Carbon monoxide?

Shirley's Vegetable Garden™:  Shirley's back on her farm and has planted her vegetable garden. She's been experiencing first hand what she has been writing about.

Taking diabetes medication is very important - to prevent complications and now to avoid the escalation of costs too.

Good Health,
Lisa M. Rasolt
Program Director
Defeat Diabetes Foundation
Defeat Diabetes®:  Awareness + Action = Prevention®

Latest News -Diabetes:  Prevention, Screening, Costs
Regular Diabetes Screening Saves on Health Care Costs
Poll: Prevention Top Health Reform Priority For Americans
New Free Prevention Resource for Your Endo's Office & Online
The Economics of Undiagnosed Diabetes
Fifty Percent of African Americans Die from Causes that Can Be Prevented or Treated

Financial Assistance
Diabetes is a costly disease. Yet the cost of ignoring your diabetes treatment is even higher. There are programs to help you with prescriptions, testing supplies and if you have no insurance. More information

Latest News - Self Management - Foods and Vitamins
Low-Fat Chocolate Milk Aids Muscle Recovery
Benefit of Exercise on Diabetes Risk Undone by Vitamin Supplements
Cherry Juice Helps Endurance Athletes
Walnuts Found to Benefit Diabetes Control
Golden Rice Potential
Low Levels of Vitamin D Cause Problems for Acutely Ill Diabetic Patients

Timeshare Donations can offer a valuable tax write-off and will help Defeat Diabetes Foundation fund ongoing advocacy efforts and support programs.  Donate My Timeshare Now

Latest News - New Info - Why and How of Diabetes?
Why Diabetics Over-Produce Sugar in the Liver
New Information on how Metformin Works
How High Blood Sugars Damage Blood Vessels

Defeat Diabetes® News by Daniel Rasolt
Be the first ones to read the latest news on diabetes, health, self management and complementary and alternative medicine. These articles are exclusive to Defeat Diabetes Foundation.

Diabetic Friendly Recipes recipes
June 2009
Fresh ingredients and perfect for summer. Our recipes are tasty and lower sodium too.

Can't afford a glucometer?
ADW has generously donated blood testing equipment to Defeat Diabetes Foundation. Glucometers are available for FREE. This offer is valid in the United States while supplies last. To request a glucometer, send an email  to:

Islets of Humorhumor
By Theresa Garnero
June 2009

See more Islets of Humor™ Cartoons by Theresa Garnero

Confused about Long Term Care & Diabetes?
Most diabetics enter a nursing home due to diabetes related complications, such as amputations, blindness, kidney failure, heart conditions, etc., rather than the disease itself. These complications often require professional medical attention, and assistance, that is no longer viable at home, by family, caregivers, or friends, and is beyond their capacity to self-manage.    Click here for your Free Report

A Message From Our Executive Director director
Andrew P. Mandell – MR. DIABETES®

June 2009
Okay, folks, summer is here.  I know many of you have begun a year-round exercise program, and that’s exactly what we should all be doing.  But, if you haven’t, this is a great time to make that commitment, or renew one if you have gotten away from it. More

Planning for Summer Camp? Diabetes Camps Info and Database
  • Diabetes camps allow kids an opportunity to be with peers and learn from each other to overcome the daily challenges.
  • Gives kids a chance to learn or improve diabetes self-management skills
  • Camping and the activities provided are fun
  • National Diabetes Camps Database     More

Know Your Fruits and Veggies™:  Strawberries veggies
By Dawn Swidorski
June 2009
Strawberries and summer go hand in hand. They are the first fruit that appears in northern climates and produce until early fall. Of course in more temperate parts of the US strawberries may be produced year round.The most common scientific names for strawberry are Fragaria virginiana and Fragaria chilioensis and belong to the family Rosaceae (rose). More

Treatments on the Horizon horizon
Scientists Create Potential Preventative Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes
Carbon Monoxide a Possible Treatment for Gastroparesis in Diabetics
Australian Docs Discover a Type 1 Diabetes Breakthrough

Diabetes Support Groups Database
We've developed a listing of Diabetes Education Programs and Diabetes Support Groups in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Shirley's Vegetable Garden™ garden
By Shirley Barriger
June 2009
Now that I’m back on the farm, I’ve been experiencing first hand much of what I’ve been writing about.  As I was working in my flower garden one day I couldn’t find my small garden trowel.  When I finally found it I realized it was camouflaged by the dirt as the wooden handle was the same color.  I need to paint the handle a bright color as I suggested in an article. More

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