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Obesity and Diabetes Independently Increase Cesarean Delivery Risk
Posted: Monday, November 08, 2004
The prevalence of maternal obesity is rising, the authors explain, and pregestational obesity is a recognized risk factor for diabetes, preeclampsia and hypertension, macrosomia, and cesarean delivery.

Important implications for preconceptional counseling of overweight and obese women.

How Do High Carb Diets Lead To Obesity And Diabetes?
Posted: Sunday, November 07, 2004
Dr. Kosaku Uyeda, professor of biochemistry, has shown that a single protein called carbohydrate response element binding protein (ChREBP), discovered by his research group, activates several genes that cause cells in the liver to turn sugar into fat.

For Optimal Health, Cut Even More Body Fat
Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2004
Men with BMIs between 22.0 and 24.4 were significantly more likely to develop at least one of the weight-related illnesses than their leaner peers with BMIs between 18.5 and 21.9. Although BMIs below 25 are healthy, BMIs below 22 are healthier

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Supplementation Worsens Insulin Sensitivity And Fibrinogen Concentrations
Posted: Wednesday, October 06, 2004
There is quite a bit of publicity on the use of CLA for weight loss. This is of interest to overweight or obese type 2 patients. Some animal studies have suggested that (CLA) supplementation may have therapeutic potential with respect to insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism

Data for Atkins & South Beach Dieters on Insulin Resistance, Obesity and the Fiber Connection
Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Insulin sensitivity may be more directly related to loss of intramyocellular or omental fat rather than loss of total body weight.

The Glycemic Index Diet Leads to Weight & Fat Loss
Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2004
New study shows that glycemic index is an independent factor that can have dramatic effects on the major chronic diseases plaguing developed nations - obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Scientists On The Way To Genetically Altering Fat Genes
Posted: Thursday, August 19, 2004
It sounds too good to be true, but genetically engineered mice at the University of Michigan Medical School are living every frustrated dieter's dream.

Tennessee Fights Obesity and Diabetes With Small Step
Posted: Thursday, August 19, 2004
In less than two years, obesity will be the No. 1 killer
Obesity is a big problem in Tennessee, more than in many other states. But the solution may be in small steps. Walk more, eat less and include dairy products to burn fat is the message of a largely grass-roots, consumer-driven, voluntary health project called Tennessee on the Move.

Medicare Redefines Obesity as an Illness Not A Disease
Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Medicare now recognizes obesity as an illness, a change in policy that may allow millions of overweight Americans to make medical claims for treatments such as stomach surgery t programs.

Children Of Obese Parents At High Risk For Diabetes & Being Overweight
Posted: Monday, July 19, 2004
64 Percent of children with overweight parents became overweight.The factor that puts children at greatest risk of being overweight is having obese parents.By identifying the risk factors that lead to childhood obesity, the researchers hope to pave the way toward preventive measures.

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